Hey, Color-Blind Gamers—Splatoon’s Got You Covered

It’s tough to be a color-blind gamer… after all, seeing certain colors and being able to distinguish them can make a massive difference to the successful playing experience of many games, and not all titles put this into consideration during development. Color-blind players may find their gaming experiences suffer if they can’t accurately perceive color in some games, and the great news coming out of Nintendo is that Splatoon is a game everyone will be able to enjoy regardless of color perception.

The Global Testfire demo that was recently held came with a digital manual which stated the game will feature a “Color Lock” mode. This mode restricts the ink colors used in-game to specific combinations, helping out those who are playing with color-blindness.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it’s got to be huge for players who struggle with this. It also shows that Nintendo is really thinking about making their games accessible to everyone—as many people as possible—during development. Go ye forth and enjoy Splatoon, all!


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