Waiting for the Marth amiibo Restocks? We Have Some Bad News…

One of the most highly sought after amiibo figures from day one has been Marth. The figures were snatched up in no time, and when Nintendo announced that Marth would unlock content in the 3DS game Code Name S.T.E.A.M., fans cried foul—very few people have Marth figures, so very few people would be able to enjoy this aspect of a highly anticipated indie release.

Nintendo reported their efforts to fix the stock situation and promised a new wave of Marth figures would arrive near the end of April. Well, here we are halfway through May, and the Marth figures have barely trickled onto store shelves. Amazon’s stock was gone in minutes, and GameStop has been receiving (according to reports) maybe one or two figures each, at maximum. Which of course are disappearing the instant they hit the shelves—if they even make it past the employees and onto the shelves at all.

Will we see more Marth amiibo in stores over the next few weeks? We’d like to be optimistic about it and say yes, but it’s not looking good so far. Our recommendation is, don’t hold your breath so you can be pleasantly surprised if you do run into one.


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