UCraft Becomes Exclusive to Wii U… Again

Once upon a time, Nexis Games announced a title called UCraft, a Minecraft-style sandbox game that would be exclusive to the Wii U. The game quickly fell into some trouble with unrealistic release window targets, a Kickstarter campaign that failed to bring in the necessary funds, and a controversial decision to take the game to PC. The last we heard, the game was going into beta launch during Q2 of 2015 on Wii U and PC… but then we heard nothing else.

Well, now there’s more news and it looks like the game is back to where it started. Nexis Games has announced that UCraft is again a Wii U exclusive, and that it’ll be in the console by the end of the year.

Isaiah White of Nexis games had this to say on UCraft’s development:

For the past 7 months I have given up my life and focused all of my time, money and energy solely on completing UCraft. During this time I feel that not only have I formed a bond with UCraft but also with the entire Nintendo Community. As a result of this new found kinship I have come to the conclusion that putting UCraft on anything other than Nintendo Platforms doesn’t feel right because UCraft was originally promised exclusively for the Wii U. I am not someone who goes back on their word so with that said, UCraft is and shall remain exclusive to Nintendo Platforms. The Nintendo Community (Our community) has deserved a quality Sandbox title to call our own for quite sometime and this holiday season we will finally have it! Welcome to the World of UCraft!

As always thank you for your support and we hope you all have as much fun playing UCraft as we have had creating it!”

Nexis Games has put a lot of stock and hype into developing this game, so for their sake we’re hoping the game delivers on the promises they’ve made. Whether it realistically can at this point remains to be seen.


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