Adventures of Pip Arrives On June 11th!

For the past several PAX conventions, our team has enjoyed trying out an indie title from Tic Toc Games called Adventures of Pip. Originally, the game was scheduled for a release on May 14th, but some delays sent the release into June and we’ve been waiting for more info.

Now, the game is confirmed to be releasing on June 11th! This 2D side-scroller gives players control of Pip, the hero who must save the princess and defeat the skeleton queen who has stolen the kingdom’s pixels. The game’s mechanics see players beginning with Pip as a single pixel and earning evolution phases by absorbing pixels from defeated enemies—and then using those evolved phases (or devolved phases) to solve environmental puzzles in each level.

If you’ve missed any of our write-ups on this game demo, go check them out—or take a look at the trailer below!


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