Assault Android Cactus Finally Arriving

Remember this game? Assault Android Cactus first made the rounds at various expos back in 2013, demonstrating its potential as a twin-stick shooter from the small Australian development team Witch Beam.

It’s been in early access through Steam on PC since 2013, and as one might imagine, has seen plenty of changes in the past year and a half. The heart of the game has remained the same, but the visuals and the structure of play have changed and evolved with feedback and development.

Here we are, eighteen months after those early days, and it’s finally time to launch the game to everyone else. Assault Android Cactus will be released on the Wii U eShop sometime this summer (as well as on Vita, PS4, and a proper full PC launch).

Players will get to experience multiple characters, weapon sets, and new stages (from those initial maps), and local co-op will support up to four players.

Whether you remember this one or not, check out the trailer below and see what’s new!


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