Super Mario Bros. Heading to the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Why isn’t it already there? Uh, we’ll tell you. The World Video Game Hall of Fame is actually an initiative launched by the Strong National Museum of Play based in Rochester, NY. Headed up by a committee of academics, games writers, and industry vets, these folks come together to debate and argue over what games will be admitted into the first Hall of Fame list. They put together an initial shortlist of 15 titles.

With the announcement of these titles, we’ve learned that six of the games were awarded a slot because of their “icon-status, longevity, geographical reach and influence” with two of these games being Nintendo classics: Super Mario Bros. and Tetris.

It makes sense, especially with Super Mario Bros. having their 30th anniversary this year, so it’s a safe choice.

As for learning how gamers feel about the rest of the list? Well, that’s what Reddit and Twitter are for.


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