RIVE Invents a New Word to Describe Total Destruction

A new trailer for RIVE has arrived from Two Tribes, which they’ve gone ahead and created a brand new word for. They’re calling it a “SHMUPSTRAVAGANZA”… and you might need to grab your sunglasses for this sucker, because the explosions and pyrotechnic effects are, shall we say, taxing on one’s retinas.

But in the very best way.

This trailer has some new content, so if you saw the footage shown around the time of the game’s demo at PAX, you’ll see something new. You’ll also see a demonstration of the unique features in the final game.

RIVE certainly is poised to deliver the best kind of bullet-hell action with an old-school vibe, plus plenty of modern excitement. It’ll be released on the Wii U eShop (and on other platforms) later this year.


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