E3 2015: Star Fox Returns on Wii U

It may be Nintendo’s biggest announcement for E3: Star Fox Zero.

The game was announced in 2014 at E3, but at the time it seemed as though the game would be a collection of mini-games that tied into Project Guard and Project Giant Robot. However, with the latter still MIA in Nintendo’s discussions, it was during the Digital Event today that Nintendo revealed it would be returning Star Fox to its deserved old-school gaming glory.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Star Fox Zero is not a sequel, nor is it a strict remake of the first game—which is why they’ve placed “Zero” in the game title. That said, much of what you see in the game footage shows off franchise staples like on-rail areas, all-range mode combat, and vehicle transformations.

In a closed-doors demo in 2014 at E3, some fortunate folks were able to glimpse the Gyrowing, a helicopter-like vehicle. It was featured in this year’s video, with the pilot using the GamePad for the cockpit perspective and the TV for standard view.

In Arwing mode, the GamePad will allow players to look around, providing a truly immersive experience. Star Fox Zero will be launching during the holiday season… and no doubt at the top of many, many Nintendo fans’s lists.


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