During E3, Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX to Third Parties

We’ve heard precious little about the NX these days, aside from Nintendo’s insistence that they won’t be giving out details until next year’s E3. The reactions to Nintendo’s claim that they’re starting from zero on this new console range from exited to curious to downright concerned—especially recalling the faulty Wii U launch and what Miyamoto has suggested was the system’s misfortune of being outpaced by the rapidly growing tablet market.

According to business magazine Fortune, however, the NX was pitched to third parties during E3 and, if the reports are to be believed, the reactions of “insiders” were “positive.” The magazine also had a chance to speak with Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi (General Manager for Nintendo’s Software Planning & Development), where Miyamoto stated he’s taking a step back from the NX to place greater focus on gaming projects:

I’ve pulled myself back out of some of the hardware section and I’m really focused on some of the software that I’m involved in — for example, the new Star Fox game. Of course I am observing and looking at the hardware, but I am not actively participating and making decisions.”

Takahashi mentioned that Nintendo is looking actively for feedback on the new system, because the next major step for Nintendo is to consider what “element” is going to really “catch the attention of a large number of players and get them excited.”

And despite all the rumors that swirl around with regard to what Nintendo’s game plan might be, he said they are “constantly thinking about this idea from the perspective of the players and the needs of the players in terms of what can we can do with our ability and our technology to capture that excitement and passion.”

As for now? We wait.


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