Disney Magical World 2 Likes Warm Hugs

Readers who never experienced the joys of the original Disney Magical World may be rolling their eyes in disbelief, but the truth of the matter is that the 3DS game was very well done and quite charming. It was well received from Japan to Canada, and Bandai Namco provided monthly free and paid DLC for quite some time, though primarily in the form of outfits and design pieces. Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, consensus from game sites was that the title was actually pretty darn good (and this writer agrees).

That said, without continual DLC that added levels and new areas—despite seeing places within the game where new areas could easily be added—there wasn’t much hope for a follow-up… however, it turns out that the success was enough to translate into a second entry, as we reported last month.

The news here is that the game will be released in Japan on November 5th. Worldwide release hasn’t been confirmed or reported at all, but considering the popularity of Disney and the good reception of the first game, we’d be surprised if it didn’t head here soon enough.

There’s an extended trailer below that was posted yesterday by Nintendo of Japan, revealing that Frozen will (to no one’s surprise) be included in the new game (called Disney Magical Castle 2: My Happy Life in Japan). There will be a similar blend of gameplay styles in this one, as in the first game, including things like RPG elements, mini-games, dancing, and sim elements.

We have high hopes we’ll see it in the West soon, and that it’ll be just as charmingly pleasant and enjoyable as the first game. Yes, Disney and Nintendo—we do want to build a snowman.


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