Excited News Anchor Loves Super Mario Maker

When Nintendo is mentioned in the news these days, it tends to fall under two categories: A news segment for kids (usually about them playing too many video games), or not-so-great financial reports. And usually the news anchors on deck during the segments are so clueless that they’re painful to watch. Well, this news segment is set to change all that.

A Nintendo of America rep visited Fox 5 Morning News along with Mario & Luigi, as well as a number of props and a copy of Super Mario Maker. The two news hosts, in a scene so unusual to morning television, regressed to their childhood days and had a blast trying out the game.

Now, even when you consider how cheerful morning news anchors tend to be, their reactions to this game were exceptional. One of the two is having some kind of fanboy moment as he more or less freaks out about the explanation for the game… despite the fact that his Mario experience is really only as recent as the days of NES.

That said, it’s a fun clip to watch and will maybe get your hype up for Super Mario Maker too.


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