Nintendo and Facebook Partner to Launch Super Mario Maker

After a strange little move that happened today—the posting of a Tweet about a partnership between Facebook and Nintendo for Super Mario Maker’s launch, which was then subsequently removed, possibly due to ambiguous wording—it’s been confirmed!

The launch of Super Mario Maker will use something called a “Hackathon” at Facebook, which is a part of Facebook’s company culture in the sense that it encourages Facebook employees to pursue various projects outside of their daily job responsibilities. Encouraging creativity in the workplace isn’t unheard of, but it’s rarely something brought to light for the general public.

Here’s what Nintendo of America’s press release says about the upcoming partnership:

“Hackathon events are a unique element of the Facebook company culture, and an opportunity for employees to pursue a project outside their day-to-day responsibilities to rapidly create something that interests them. The Super Mario Maker hackathon is exclusively for Facebook employees to design a special level in the game. At the event, participants will be using the demo version of the game that drew rave reviews at the recent E3 video game trade show to create levels using the in-game tools that will become available to a wider audience when the game launches exclusively for Wii U on the 11th of September. The event will culminate with designers presenting their creations to a panel of judges from Nintendo and Facebook. The winning individual or team has the opportunity to make the level available for Super Mario Maker owners to play after the game’s launch. Nintendo will be making a video series documenting the event available for fans to view shortly after the event concludes, and fans can also check in to Nintendo’s social media channels on July 28 and July 29 for live updates.”

It’s an interesting and new avenue for Nintendo’s publicity! We’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out—after all, getting onto social media in a big way seems like a great idea.


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