Old-School Puzzle Fun with Astral Breakers

Anyone who has tried out competitive Tetris or a round of Puzzle Bobble against another person knows that this kind of match-up battle can actually be really fun—there’s a reason puzzle games have stuck around for so long, after all.

With fewer of these types of games appearing on consoles these days, however, we’re excited to see Astral Breakers coming to the Wii U eShop, a cooperative and competitive puzzle title with plenty of interesting, unique features (as listed by the developer):

– For starters, it’s balanced with eSports in mind, and finished with a casual touch. I’m an eSports writer, she likes ridiculously cute things, we’re both engineers by trade. We combined our powers, and Astral Breakers was born. Everybody wins.

– Also, aside from the fact you can play against each other in a Versus mode…

– Or team up against the CPU in a special two-player SuperNova survival mode…

– You can even draw your own characters. Astral Breakers is based on a Zodiac theme, and you can use the Wii U GamePad to plot your own constellations.

– When you do, those constellations will take on different properties when you take them into battle.

– Based on what you name your creations and how you draw them, their drop pattern and drop intensity (amount of garbage dropped on an opponent) will change. Generally, the more complex the drawing, the more lethal your custom constellations become.

We’ll see Astral Breakers hit the Wii U eShop next week—we don’t have the pricing yet, but we can’t imagine it’ll set you too far back.


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