The Bridge Tests Your Logic Skills This Month

Later this August, 2D logic puzzler The Bridge from The Quantum Astrophysicist’s Guild will be hitting consoles—including the Wii U, arriving on August 20th. The game has been described by the developer as “M.C. Escher meets Isaac Newton” and was originally released back in 2013. However, the critical acclaim garnered for the game has led to a re-released on next gen consoles.

The purpose of the game is to make it to the exit of each level through environment manipulation and, uh, paying attention to the laws of gravity.

It sounds strange, but like we said—it was released a few years ago and received so many award s and so much acclaim that it’s time for it to be enjoyed by another set of gamers.

“Experience the absurd… manipulate gravity…” and check out the trailer below:


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