Rodea the Sky Soldier Delay Confirmed

Despite its less-than-stellar debut in Japan, Rodea the Sky Soldier was set to be released in North America in a sort-of experiment to see if the game could find an audience—and a potential franchise life—on these shores. Initial reports of the game led by Yuji Naka were good, and there was some anticipation building for the title—especially with a fancy-looking collector’s edition that we reported on some time ago.

However, Amazon pre-orders for the game have been pushed back into November, despite the originally planned release of October 16th. NIS America has stated that “due to ongoing technical difficulties” the game will indeed release a month later than planned, on November 10th in North America.

That said, the box art has been released for the first print run, and it’s true that Wii U version purchasers will receive a bonus of the original Wii game and a reversible cover. With the 3DS version, there will be a “limited soundtrack in a collectible launch” on release day.


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