Here Comes the Shiny Rayquaza Distribution Event!

If none of those words in the title made sense to you, it’s okay. Walk away now, come back tomorrow. If you got exciting reading the title, however, here’s the details for you.

Fans of the legendary serpentine picket monster Rayquaza will be thrilled to hear about the latest distribution event for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Via the Nintendo Network, players can claim their legendary Pokémon through accessing the Mystery Gift feature in the abovementioned games. The Shiny Rayquaza is online distributed through the magic of the internet, so turn on that wi-fi to make it happen.

He’ll arrive in a red event ball at level 70, with a Dragon Fang and this set of moves: Extreme Speed, Dragon Ascent, Dragon Dance, and Dragon Claw.

We don’t have a “claim by” date at this point, so interested parties should get in on this and claim it soon as it is a limited time offer. We suspect you’ll have until the end of the month, but don’t quote us on that.


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