Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo Stomps Onto Shelves Soon

Those Yarn Yoshi amiibo were a great idea from Nintendo—cuddly, soft amiibo! What could be better? How about a GIANT cuddly amiibo?

We’re totally serious. As adorable as Yarn Yoshi amiibo is (or was? has anyone actually managed to get their hands on one?!), bigger is better and that means Mega Yarn Yoshi is on the way.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi has the same functionality in Yoshi’s Woolly World as the regular-sized version, bringing to life a second Yoshi to control alongside the primary character. The RFID tag for the Mega version is inside his foot, so he’ll have to stomp on your GamePad to enter the game.

And as cute as a giant Yarn Yoshi might be, he’s also going to stomp on your wallet…$39.99USD is the recommended retail price, so hopefully this is a sturdy critter that’ll survive many hugs as well as gaming adventures.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi will be available in North America on November 15th.


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