Crazy-Difficult Platformer Volgarr Coming to Wii U & 3DS

Although it released on PC first and in Xbox One in 2014, we’ll forgive it… because Volgarr the Viking is setting out to pillage your Nintendo consoles!

The game is essentially a love letter to those insanely difficult, angry-making-but-obsession-inducing tough 2D action platformers of Ye Olden Dayse (okay, okay, the ‘80s and ‘90s), with notable amounts of inspiration coming from titles of the past such as Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Rastan.

Earlier releases of Volgarr were well received and well reviewed, so it’s no surprise that when Kris Durrschmidt, staff member at Crazy Viking, posted an image on Twitter of the game being worked on for 3DS, this happened:

That’s some dedicated fanbase right there.

Check out the trailer from a few years ago if you’ve got a hankering for a hacking & slashing!


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