PAX Prime: Nintendo’s Treehouse Members & a Special Xenoblade Panel!

This is a special announcement about a Nintendo-led panel that will be happening at this weekend’s PAX Prime, though you probably won’t see it in the program (sometimes panels submitted after the fact or to which changes are made don’t appear in the program—though the Guidebook app should always have the most recent information, so please continue checking that throughout the weekend for the latest).

On August 29th at 2:30pm there will be a special panel held entitled “The Art and World of Xenoblade Chronicles X”, where some Nintendo Treehouse members will be present for discussion and to present “concept art, learn the inspiration behind the game, check out new game play and participate in a fan Q&A session.”

The panel will be held at the Wyvern Theatre, so please check the map and Guidebook for information on where that theatre is located—and be sure to show up early, as panels do fill up, or follow PAX Lines on Twitter for updates throughout the weekend.


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