PAX Prime 2015: First Impressions – Charlotte Seeker (Wii U)

This is going to be a very, very brief First Impression as this was an inclusion at the Seattle Indies Expo held around Prime and there wasn’t a whole lot of chance to interact with it—but as it’s planned for Wii U release eventually, we’ll show off the trailer and get this one on your radar.

Charlotte Seeker originally began as a tribute to Binding of Isaac, and the influence is both heavy and visible, though it certainly appears to have come into its own as it developed.

The game is a twin stick shooter developed by Bearcowboy, more or less made up of gated level areas with boss fights at the end—but getting to the end is where the challenge comes in. The game is more than fast-paced, it’s frantic and frenetic, with very few chances to really slow down and take a breather. Er, unless you call fighting just one boss a breather. (We don’t….)

Presently, the game is slated for release sometime before the end of the year in 2015, though we doubt it’ll get to Nintendo consoles before 2016 rolls around. Either way, if you like shooters and crazy action, this could be one to watch.


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