PAX Prime: Handheld Lounge Streetpass Challenge & “Wizard Race”

While the handheld lounge on Level 2 in the North Galleria is known for its comfy beanbag chairs, game sign-outs, and tournament excitement, there are some smaller challenges being held all weekend for those of you who have your 3DS but don’t necessarily want to commit to any large-scale tourneys for several hours.

The Streetpass Challenge is the same challenge you may have experienced at other PAX events, but basically there are daily and weekend versions where you can compete to see who can earn the most StreetPass tags at PAX! Check out the sign-up for details.

The Super Mario Bros. 3 “Wizard Race” is for 2DS/3DS/GBA and based on your attempts to beat John’s record of 1:05:49.54 back in 2014. Not sure if you’re up for the challenge but intrigued by the concept? Stop by the handheld lounge and chat with the friendly Enforcers there. They’ll fill you in on all the details and maybe even tell you a funny story or two of PAXes long past…


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