PAX Prime: First Impressions—Typoman (Wii U)

Located in the Nindies Lounge in the Sheraton Hotel, Typoman is one of those games that looks bleak and distressing at first glance, but once you dive into it, you discover its creative brilliance. It has an artistic quality that seems similar to Limbo, but the gameplay is far from it.

In Typoman, you’re essentially going about solving puzzles with words—no, stay with me here. It’s not a word game that’s there to improve your vocabulary or to serve as an educational game is disguise. Rather, you literally use words—build them, change them, “solve” them in order to progress through the game in sequence.

For example, you may find yourself coming upon a machine with snapping jaws. The word associated with it is “TRAP” and you must find a way either past it or disable it somehow. Within the world, you will search out and find the letter “S”. Pushing this letter in front of the “TRAP” to create the word “STRAP” then straps the machine together, allowing you to pass.

It seems clear and obvious, right? Well, yes and no. The demo in the Nindies Lounge wasn’t too difficult for a critical thinker—we watched both types of players have a go at the demo, and some did better than others, but no one walked away without a smile on their face.

The intriguing thing about Typoman is not only how literal the wordplay is, it’s that the action is still there even while being a word-based puzzle game. Critical thinking and evaluating skills are used to keep the action rolling, and we can only assume that as the player progresses past the demo stage, the challenges will get increasingly difficult to the point where it takes some time to think one’s way through.

It’s definitely a game to watch, and the Nintendo Fire team is excited to see it hit consoles in the near future.


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