PAX Prime: Panels of Interest (Saturday)

While the days of many Nintendo-delivered panels do appear to be behind us, the fact is that there are always some panels each day that may be of greater interest and relevance to Nintendo fans. We’ve gone through the program and highlighted several panels for each day that we think might be of specific interest to our readers, based on things like content, panelists, or theme.

Remember that our suggestions for these panels are of course subjective and based on our own perceptions, and we do encourage you to check out the schedule yourself to see if there are other things that interest you—but maybe we’ll mention something that you hadn’t noticed yourself and which otherwise might have missed.

Either way, remember that panels do fill up quickly and it’s wise to keep track of the PAX Lines Twitter account for real-time updates on panels, lines, and other important information.


  • 5:30pm-6:30pm – Maestros of Video Games (Sphinx Theatre)

What does it take to write music for games? Hear from 5 of the industry’s hottest composers as they share their experiences and discuss the craft of scoring music for video games. Featuring the composers behind the music of Bloodborne, Ori and the Blind Forest, Minecraft, Yooka-Laylee!, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Banjo Kazooie, Dead Space, God of War, Goldeneye, Mass Effect 3, Perfect Dark, Tomb Raider, and Viva Pinata! The panel will be followed by a meet & greet / autograph session.


  • 7pm-8pm – How to Streetpass in Amiibogeddon (Cerberus Theatre)

This past year Nintendo launched their own line of Toys-to-Life, Amiibo, and a craze has swept the gamer community and country. How can you best survive and unleash the power of your Amiibo? Get the best tips and tricks from StreetPass Boston, StreetPass LA, StreetPass Seattle, Sean Sullivan, and your favorite local store, Pink Gorilla Games!

There will be a Q&A and a few giveaways.

Bring your Nintendo 2/3DS for StreetPassing and your best custom Amiibo for showing off and Smashing!


  • 7pm-8pm – Settle it in Smash! Competitive Super Smash Bros. Panel (Wyvern Theatre)

Are you a Super Smash Bros. player looking to learn about the tournament scene and how to improve? Follow our panelists through discussion and demonstration of various gameplay techniques/strategies, both basic and advanced, that are useful at all levels of play. If you are looking into joining the Smash community, we will show you ways to network! You will even have a chance to play in Smash with us during the panel! Be sure to join us as we settle it in Smash!


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