PAX Prime: Yet Another Tumblestone Update (Wii U)

Yes, we’re talking about it again. We’ve been watching the progress of Tumblestone for several years now, and Nintendo Fire writer Faith always makes a point of stopping by their booth and asking what’s new. We’re looking forward to when we’re able to load up our console and enjoy this one in the comfort of our own home.

As a reminder, Tumblestone is a match-3 game with a competitive edge—if you’re playing against someone else and you make a wrong match, you must dump the contents of your matching box and start over again while your opponents move ahead. You want to match every tile in your box before anyone else—or at least, that’s the base of the game.

The team appears to have come up with endless variations on this theme, including a mode where you can play solo—great for practice! But the real joy here is in playing with others.

This time around, the individual demo-ing the title wasn’t really able to provide much inside into what had changed since PAX East, but it was great to see folks crowded around the demo station and battling it out.

It’s no secret that we’re rooting for this game, and while we also didn’t receive a release date (still!) we’re crossing out fingers that it’ll be soon. We want to play it with friends!


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