PAX Prime: Panels of Interest (Monday)

While the days of many franchise-specific panels delivered by Nitnendo does appear to be behind us, the fact is that there are always some panels each day that may be of greater interest and relevance to Nintendo fans. We’ve gone through the program and highlighted several panels for each day that we think might be of specific interest to our readers, based on things like content, panelists, or theme.

Remember that our suggestions for these panels are of course subjective and based on our own perceptions, and we do encourage you to check out the schedule yourself to see if there are other things that interest you—but maybe we’ll mention something that you hadn’t noticed yourself and which otherwise might have missed.

Either way, remember that panels do fill up quickly and it’s wise to keep track of the PAX Lines Twitter account for real-time updates on panels, lines, and other important information.


  • 12:30pm-1:30pm – Metal Gear?! Silent Hill?! The End of an Era?! (Sasquatch Theatre)

Oh, Konami. Your games were formative, bones in the very skeleton of gaming, but 2015 showed us it’s time to say goodbye. We analyze Konami’s history, and its bizarre transformation from revered publisher of games like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, to a company that bitterly broke up with its star designer, Hideo Kojima, and ultimately took a stance against game preservation with the erasure of P.T. and Silent Hills.


  • 2:30-3:30pm – Science of Gaming: Children and Video Games (Cerberus Theatre)

Join me (Dr. Tyler Black, a psychiatrist from BC Children’s Hospital), in a review of the latest science regarding the impact of video games on children.  Do games make children smarter?  Will children exposed to gaming become violent?  Can games be addictive?  Can I think of an obligatory funny question?  The last decade of research on the effects of gaming on children’s brains has been controversial, exciting, and revolutionary.


  • 4:30pm-5:30pm – PokéTubing with SkulShurtugalTCG (Hydra Theatre)

If you’re one of my 100,000+ subscribers, you know me by SkulShurtugalTCG and you know what I’m all about…but for the uninitiated, I’m a PokeTuber. And if you’re truly uninitiated, a PokeTuber is exactly what it sounds like…someone who brings their take on all facets of the Pokemon multimedia franchise to Youtube. Basically, if you have any appreciation for the global phenomenon that is Pokemon, we should totally be friends and hang out.  Monday, at 4:30, meet over in Hydra Theatre?  See you there!


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