Super Mario Maker DLC Confirmed in Japan

It’s here! It’s here! Tomorrow, Super Mario Maker hits store shelves, and it’ll be time to dust off all those amiibo and get creating new playable Super Mario levels. The amiibo integration is extensive, with sound effects, poses, and other features for the characters you enter into the game, so don’t delay trying those out once you load things up.

But just to add a little to the hype, while there has been no official announcement of Super Mario Maker DLC at this time, there have been some Japanese DLC announcements that we’re suspecting will eventually trickle down to North America—if not in exactly the same form.

In Japan, the first DLC will be 8-bit costumes, beginning with the mascot Nekk? the Fox of Famitsu magazine. Obviously that character wouldn’t be relevant here in North America, but it’s a good sign that there is DLC to come in the near future.


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