Announcement: Wave 5 amiibo Pre-Order Sale Windows

Here we go again! More amiibos, more headaches to obtain the one(s) you want. Then again, we’re now seeing retailers do what they can to improve the way the figures are sold, which has relieved some of the stress for gung-ho collectors looking to get their plastic-figurine fix.

We’re now seeing first-come, first-served policies (ie. no pre-orders), limited purchase quantities (often one per customer, per figure), and advance notice of sales times. Amazon was the first to get on board with this in a big way, sending out emails and posting on Reddit to confirm both sale times and pre-order details where applicable.

For this next wave of amiibo, we’ve heard notification for Ganondorf, Olimar & Pikmin, Mario Classic Color, and Zero Suit Samus. The Amazon pages for these figures will go live at different times on September 11th—yes, that’s two days from now.

  • Ganondorf (4pm EST)
  • Zero Suit Samus (5pm EST)
  • Olimar & Pikmin (6pm EST)
  • 30th Anniversary Mario Classic Color (7pm EST)

As a reminder, you can buy only one of each, one-click ordering will be disabled for these figures, and stock will be limited. Good luck!


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