Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows OST Available

If you’ve played Shovel Knight at all or were planning to do so, you’re probably already aware of the anticipated Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows expansion that was funded through Kickstarter to be a free update for all players. The expansion follows Plague Knight, a member of the Order of No Quarter, in a sort-of remixed version of the original game. It also expands on the story and lore, giving Shovel Knight a much richer world than we previously understood.

The expansion also has its own soundtrack, and this is now available for download—much to your inevitable delight, we think.

There are ten new tracks and a selection of remixes, as well as a new vocal track from Mint Potion called “Alchemy.” Mint Potion is a collaborative effort between Jeff Ball, Dale “CorgiKing” North, and the man behind Shovel Knight’s OST, Jake “virt” Kaufman. The current news from this team is that Mint Potion has plans to contribute to future soundtracks—whether in this same universe or on other games, we’re not sure yet.

The soundtrack is available for free on BandCamp (CLICKY []) and downloaders are encouraged to “pay as you wish” in order to show support and appreciation for the hard work that went into creating and offering this incredible soundtrack.


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