“Octoling” Modder Could Mess Up Splatoon Save Data

Data mining is a thing these days. That’s no surprise. And we’ve seen it happening with Splatoon lately, especially with the ‘playable Octolings’ that have theoretically arisen based on tinkering with the game data and various settings.

But here’s the thing—beyond that original hacker who discovered the Octoling Secret (we’re just going to call it that, it sounds cool), other players have been attempting to play around with the data in order to use the Hydra Splatling and play as an Octoling.

Sounds harmless enough, right? But the problem here is that reports are coming in that when a typical player ends up in a lobby with this Octoling Secret hacker (who is not the same person as the one who originally showed playable Octolings to the world), save data for the player’s entire Splatoon experience can be corrupted. In addition, quitting while the game is trying to populate the Octoling character into your plaza can lock the game and also corrupt data.

This is an issue taking up a lot of talk space on Reddit, social media, and blogs, and one Reddit user has gone ahead and posted a summary of how you might be able to avoid ruining your game’s save data:

This player can soft-lock your save, destroying all your hard work and making you restart the entire game with a blank slate; if you don’t take the proper precautions. Don’t let this happen to you.


Tips to be safe around this player:


Backup your save! Copy it to a USB. Do this now, before you get a chance to see them. If you see them and you lose connection in a match with them, it’s already too late. Here’s the official Nintendo Support page with instructions on how to do this. If that doesn’t help, here’s an alternate guide on GameFAQs.


If you spot them, do NOT leave the room! Keep playing until they’re no longer in the match. This stops your plaza from trying to load them, which is what destroys your save. Alternatively, you could back out of that room and immediately join another Turf War, but do not return to Booyah Base.


If you are too late, all hope is not lost. But. You’ll be waiting until the next Splatfest. I personally do not know this for sure, but presumably loading up the game during Splatfest will wipe the player out of Booyah Base for you, thus freeing your save from the soft-lock.

If you see this player, please take down their name and report it. The closest info we have so far is that “the name started with a k and had numbers in it”.


If you want to help spread the word, go write a post on Miiverse about it. Write it in drawing form, so it can spread around as graffiti as well as people seeing you.


There don’t seem to be a whole lot of people running into this issue, but it’s entirely possible that more players will have this problem if the Octoling Secret data-mining becomes widespread. We’re also wondering if Nintendo will respond. If you run into an Octoling player online, please do report it to raise awareness.


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