The Pokémon Company Sues Fan

Well, this is disappointing. In a time when fans are creating incredible pieces of artwork and other unique things in celebration of the products and characters they love, hearing about companies sending cease & desist orders or serving these creators with lawsuits only seems to diminish those products’ mass appeal—because when you’re cruel to your fans, how can you expect them to continue feeling goodwill toward you?

This week, we’re hearing about Ramar Larkin Jones, for whom the warning shot came with a spray round that ensured he’d get hit no matter what. Jones, manager of a small Seattle café, is (was?) a massive Pokémon fan. For five years running, he used his caf to host the “Unofficial Pokémon PAX Kickoff Party” where there were themed giveaways, a Super Smash Bros. tournament, and bangin’ music. The admission fee was only $2, which helped to fund the giveaways and the live DJ, but The Pokémon Company decided that, well…they weren’t too keen on Jones’ promotional efforts.

See, Jones made up posters for this event which featured images of Pokémon characters, as one might expect to see on a promo poster. The Pokémon Company handed down a lawsuit, so Jones did what he thought was right and cancelled the party. No harm, no foul, right?

Nope. The Pokémon Company decided that wasn’t enough, and had a Washington judge rule that Jones owes them $4,000 in damages. When he appealed, the total was slightly reduced…but the company denied his request for a payment plan and gave him just forty-five days to pay up.

According to Jones, this fine is going to provide considerable financial hardship—which may come as no surprise to others living and trying to manage a small business in Seattle. In order to try and stay afloat, Jones set up a GoFundMe account where you can help to donate to the cause. If you have enjoyed any of the cafe’s parties in the past, this may be of significant relevance to you.

You can find the campaign here.


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