English SplatNet Website Now Live

Competitive Splatoon players in English-speaking countries, your day has come!

You already know that ranked play gets a little crazy once you reach those A-levels, and your gear is critical for ensuring you have an extra edge against other players around you—and to making sure it matches your play style to give you the best advantage.

The gear in Splatoon is actually quite complex, with certain items having chances of receiving a specific upgrade depending on the type and the brand—yes, those brand names have a real purpose! And until now, English-speaking players didn’t have much insight as to how this all worked.

But now, Nintendo has gone ahead and translated “SplatNet” into English, a website that helps players track Splatoon events and data. The site allows players to see what stages are coming up for the rest of the day, compare ranks with friends, and check on equipped gear.

Okay squids, it’s time to get splatting!


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