No More Game Boy Games on 3DS Virtual Console

Sorry, Game Boy fans. You knew it would happen eventually, but probably anticipated some kind of official announcement—nope, turns out you get a quiet Tweet from a company in response to a fan’s question.

It’s no secret that the 3DS Virtual Console offerings and support has begun to drop off for some time now. Every passing week sees fans hopeful for a new list of games, just like we received when the 3DS Virtual Console began, but there has been very little—or nothing—for some time now.

According to a Tweet from Natsume Inc., Nintendo has decided to cease their release of games on the 3DS Virtual Console:

Does this mean the end of classic portable game re-releases forever? We’re sure there are other Game Boy titles that never made it to the 3DS Virtual Console, and if you’re a fan who was waiting for one of those titles, we feel your pain.


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