Combined Game & DLC for Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS

So long as you have some change in your pocket to hand over to Nintendo every so often, you’re probably still having a whale of a time with Super Smash Bros. and all the content that’s become available over the past months. We’ve seen this game become the most DLC-heavy of all Nintendo’s offerings, with $50 worth of content delivered in four waves (per version of the game).

Now, consider this: the holiday shopping season is almost here. Nintendo would like to find a way to ensure that anyone who hasn’t purchased this DLC yet, but would like to own it, can get it all in one easy and fell swoop. So, they’ve gone ahead and bundled everything together! How considerate, right?

Well, Amazon is listing download packages with the game and the first three complete DLC collections for the incredible price of…

Wii U — $99.99

3DS — $79.99

Hmm. All right, well that’s not quite the deep discount we were hoping for, considering that the downloadable versions of each game are $59.99 and $39.99 respectively. In fact, when you buy the DLC packages individually, your cost will come to $41.93. So, umm…that leaves you with a savings of: $1.93.

Well, then.

I mean, it’s something? But if you’re planning to purchase both games, you’ll want to keep in mind that each DLC pack only contains the DLC content for one of the platforms.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see this partnership with Amazon—the first big show of their new initiative to offer downloadable games.


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