Wonderland Dizzy: The Lost NES Title Released for Free

File this one under “strange but true” news: The Oliver Twins, a pair of well known siblings in game development, discovered an NES title that was assumed to have been lost many years ago. And then, they released it for free. As one does, of course.

Wonderland Dizzy was a game entry in the brothers’ platforming game series that they created all those years ago in the early 90’s for the ZX Spectrum and C64, but which was not ever released on the NES.

According to their story on finding the game, the source code appeared several months ago during preparation for a talk at a UK gaming event. They found a map for the title first, which sent Philip Oliver into a tailspin searching for the source code…which he then found on a 3.5 floppy disc that somehow miraculously survived the decades.

It’s important to include here that a polished, final version of the game wasn’t on that disc, just the source code and visual pieces, but the Olivers were able to connect with a fan to help them bring the game back to life and offer it up for free. There won’t be any additional Dizzy games in the future, thanks to the failure of a crowdfunding campaign that already tried to do that, but it’s certainly a chance to go back in time a bit for players who were fans all those years ago.

The Oliver Twins have also released both a trailer for the game and a video about Wonderland Dizzy, so check them out if you’re interested!


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