Yo-Kai Watch Toy Orders Open Tomorrow

Yo-Kai Watch is releasing tomorrow! It’s an exciting and very important launch for Nintendo and Level-5, because fans have been clamouring to see it on these shores…and also because the franchise has been a massive hit in Japan. Both companies are crossing their fingers to see if their hard work of bringing it here pays off—and if those loud voices calling for it will help to spread the word and make it a success.

There are other elements of tie-in material for the game series that are important for marketing and getting people excited about the game. The first is the anime series, which will be uploaded to YouTube after episodes air on Disney XD. The other is a popular toy associated with the game, which is…uh, an actual Yo-Kai watch.

Yes, this is a real thing that releases next January. It was hard to find in Japan due to high demand, despite the toy not actually being able to tell time or do anything other than, uh, make noises (using different medals that stand for different Yo-Kai) and shine a weak light on things.

Look, it’s definitely a childrens’ toy and a cool object to have for cosplay if you’re a fan of the series who wants to take it that far. That’s cool! Just stay on top of the pre-orders, which opens tomorrow, because the more interest that gets show in the series, the more likely it is you’ll continue seeing cool, fun stuff related to the franchise. If you pre-order it before December 31st and put down a deposit, you’ll receive an exclusive medal for Jibanyan “Paws of Fury.” You’ll be able to find this offer at the typical places: GameStop, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, as well as HasbroToyShop.com.


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