Minecraft Developer Hears Your Cries for Minecraft amiibo

It’s been nearly a week since the announcement of Minecraft: Wii U Edition, and so far the news has come with mixed reaction from fans. It may seem like too little too late, but the fact is that it’s coming and it may expose some new fans to this title who haven’t yet given it a shot. And let’s face it—this is a Microsoft release on a Nintendo console system, and if that’s not a remarkable thing in itself, we’re not sure what is.

Over on the Microsoft website, someone mentioned amiibo and was directly responded to by the developer. Apparently they’re already aware of the demand for amiibo, but they’re not ready to announce anything as of yet. Since that’s not an outright no, can we possibly expect amiibo in the future?

And would that mean seeing Minecraft characters in games like Mario Kart 8, driving around their own little vehicles? Here’s the response from the website:

“I’m only on the Minecraft team so I honestly have no idea about those other games. We do know that there’s a lot of demand for a Minecraft Amiibo- no idea if we’ll get one. As for Alex and Steve making an appearance in other games, the studios that develop those games would need to reach out to us directly about it.”

Well, that is interesting.


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