Low Sales for Dementium Remastered Disappointing

We’ve covered quite a bit of news coming out of Jools Watsham’s Renegade Kid game company, and the titles from Watsham over the past number of years have been quite well received by Nintendo players more or less across the board…when they’re actually played. It’s difficult to pinpoint why Renegade Kid’s games haven’t quite caught on the way they deserve—certainly all of our personal interactions with members of the company at PAX events over the years have been nothing but positive. But, personality doesn’t always sell games. And sometimes bringing back remastered games doesn’t sell games, either.

Renegade Kid is in a tough position right now. Their latest release, Dementium Remastered, is not selling very well. The news from Watsham in public interviews lately hasn’t been all that positive. Apparently, the studio didn’t expect it to go hog-wild on the eShop, but even their very conservative sales projections haven’t been met.

Ultimately, this means the company may have to reconsider whether developing games on the 3DS is a viable option for them. If profit doesn’t follow their efforts, it will be time to move on. Here’s the word from the man himself, as told to site We Got This Covered:

“The sales of Dementium Remastered have been very low so far. Much lower than I expected. My expectations were based on how our other games have sold, and as such were already quite conservative. I am very surprised that they are lower than my conservative projections. We will still continue with releasing the game in Europe and also release Dementium II Remastered, but the sales results definitely make us pause with future development on 3DS beyond Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and Treasurenauts, which is very unfortunate. In an ideal world, I would love to continue developing games for 3DS. It is my personal favorite console to play games on, but if we can’t generate enough revenue from our games to cover the cost of 4 people with no office space, then something must change.”

The future looks uncertain for Renegade Kid on the 3DS. Over here at Nintendo Fire, we’re excited for Treasurenauts, and are wishing all the best to the studio as they continue to develop for Nintendo platforms.


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