Nintendo Wins Patent Case Over…Miis?

Oh, patent cases. Sometimes you just make us scratch our heads in utter confusion. Bafflement, I’d even venture. Look, sometimes they’re legitimate—Nintendo hasn’t won every court case—but some of these smaller claims are just plain odd.

The most recent of these weird patent cases is…well, here’s the excerpt of the case from Nintendo themselves:

“Nintendo has prevailed in a patent case in Seattle federal court concerning the company’s Mii characters. Judge Richard A. Jones found that U.S. Patent No. 8,005,303, which relates to ways of storing police sketch-artist data, was invalid. RecogniCorp LLC, a patent-assertion company, filed this case in 2011, claiming that the Mii characters used on Nintendo’s systems, including Wii U, Wii and Nintendo 3DS, infringed the patent.

Judge Jones held that the patent was an improper attempt to monopolize mathematical operations, which cannot be patented. The Judge therefore did not need to rule directly on Nintendo’s non-infringement arguments.”

Did you catch that? A claim that Nintendo’s Mii characters infringed on a patent for maintaining police data for sketch artists. We’re not surprised that the judge struck that one down very, very quickly.


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