The Next Penelope Still Coming to Wii U

Earlier this year, a game titled The Next Penelope was released on PC, and there were promises in place to see it appear on the Wii U later this year. Well, here we are—only 2 days from the end of 2015—and so far, no dice. Evidently, Aurelien Regard was not able to fulfill those promises, but it will still be heading to the Wii U eShop sometime soon in 2016.

Writing on the tumblr account for the game, Regard revealed that Blitworks studio is assisting him in bringing the game to the Wii U—and that it’s taking quite a long time due to the game being entirely rewritten in a different programming language to make it a better console game.

You may recognize Blitworks’s name from games like Don’t Starve and Super Meat Boy, so they’re certainly bringing quite a bit to the table with this project. Regard didn’t provide specifics on a release window, but presumably this update means there will be more news coming in the near future.


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