Nintendo’s Skylanders amiibo Releasing as Combo Packs

As exciting and unique as the Bowser and Donkey Kong Skylanders / amiibos were, they were (and continue to be) serious headaches for collectors of amiibo figures. Namely, these Skylanders Superchargers figures—who could also function as amiibo with a swift twist of the base on each toy—were only sold in a starter pack for the entire game.

What’s an amiibo collector who has no interest in playing Skylanders to do? It’s a rather expensive way to get a little piece of plastic.

Well, the good news is that Activision is doing something nice—I know, that was our reaction too—and will be launching both figures as combo packs, hence retailing for a much, much lower price point.

Hammer Slam Bowser will be packaged with his Clown Cruiser, while Donkey Kong will have his Barrel Blaster. Both packs will hit store shelves at $24.99USD. And it’s a happy holidays for amiibo collectors, indeed!


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