New Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Bundle Coming Soon

If you’re a Pokémon fan you probably haven’t forgotten this and don’t need the reminder—but the franchise is all set to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, if you can believe it. Yes, that’s right. We’ve had Pokémon around for literally 20 years!

That means there are some fun releases happening worldwide, and here in North America, there’s a New Nintendo 3DS bundle heading our way.

The bundle will come with the handheld New Nintendo 3DS console—a smaller version, yes, in North America!—and two cover plates. It’ll have both Pokémon Red & Blue pre-installed, and will be arriving on February 27th.

At this point we don’t have pricing for the bundle yet, but rumor has it there will be a Pokémon commercial aired during the Super Bowl (February 7th), so surely there will be more information either by then or in the commercial itself.

And just so you can get hype for the 20th anniversary, an official logo for the year of celebration has been released. Check it out!



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