Shovel Knight amiibo Scannable In-Box

When it comes to collecting little plastic figures, everybody faces the eternal question: Should I open the box? Or should I keep it closed and a potential collector’s item? If you don’t open it and it’s an item you want to use, you’re out of luck—which has been quite the heartache for many an RFID figure collector.

Until now, packaging for these figures has ensured that the NFC chip inside each toy base can’t be used while the figure is inside the box. Woe to the player who wants the bonuses associated with each amiibo! Woe to you who will never have a second Yoshi inside that Woolley World!

Ah, but the Yacht Club Games team understands your pain. They understand and want to help, and so they have ensured that their Shovel Knight amiibo—an official figure, yes, produced with Nintendo’s help—can be used while still inside the box. It doesn’t come with the little blocking plate, so you can scan that amiibo into your game while it is still encased in plastic.

What did Nintendo think about this? Here’s what David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games said to Polygon:

“We got a lot of feedback from fans before release who wanted to be able to scan the amiibo inside the packaging so they could still use the figure [in-game] while keeping it as a collector’s item. We didn’t see much issue with their request: while you can stand with a 3DS in store and try to scan it — we didn’t think that was actually something people would do due to the nature of the content we were making. We do not plan to change how the amiibo is manufactured.”

Wow! Well, that’s pretty darn cool. Will we see this happening with other figures, or maybe just other third-party figures? Who knows! But it’s neat to see Nintendo getting on board with this concept and being willing to work with the Shovel Knight team in this way.


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