Get Your Super Smash Bros. Info Here!

Super Smash Bros. is great and all…but what if you didn’t have to keep all that critical, key info about each challenger and their abilities inside your head? What if you didn’t need to mentally file it all away but could have what you needed at your fingertips in almost an instant?

Your time has come, friend! There’s an app for that!

SmashPad is an app design to be a tool for players who want more out of their Super Smash Bros. experience. It’s a free download on iOS, containing detailed statistics on all the challengers, live stream, tournament information, and video.

The app received its original funding via Kickstarter, and you can watch one of the official launch trailers here:

The Android version is still to come, but we’re thinking there will be plenty of updates and additional content steadily added as the app grows. It looks like it could really become something useful and exciting for Smash players, so do check it out and give it your support if it looks like something you’d spend time on.


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