More Details Revealed About My Nintendo

At the recent investors meeting held by Nintendo, some additional information was discussed regarding what My Nintendo means and what it will involve. You can read the English transcript of the meeting here but we’ll give you the lowdown in case you’d otherwise be sitting in a “tl;dr” situation.

On February 17th, pre-registration will open for My Nintendo accounts, which will officially go live in March in 39 countries. There will be two systems by which players can earn points:

  • Platinum Points: Functions like the late Club Nintendo, where both physical and digital items will be available.
  • Gold Points: Function as coupons for the eShop.

To begin, My Nintendo will serve as a space for things like those points, coupons, downloads, and email newsletters, which will later expand to include a friends list, in-store credit, and gaming data.

It’s not tons of information yet, but if you’re interested in setting up an account, go ahead and mark your calendar for the 17th!


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