Blast ‘Em Bunnies Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Way, way, waaay back in the day when we tried out Blast ‘Em Bunnies at PAX, the entire Nintendo Fire team said to the Nnooo demo guys: “You should get this on Nintendo 3DS. It’s perfect for that platform.” And now, it’s heading to the 3DS. Naturally, we’re going to take all the credit for that.

Ahem. You’re welcome.

Aaaanyway, it’ll be hopping into the eShop on March 11th for $4.99USD, along with a slew of DLC content—paid, of course. You’ll have 4 weapons to start and 16 different kinds of ammo. The game is basically this: Shoot as many bunnies as you can and collect coins. Use those coins to purchase new in-game items. Then = fun?

Sure. There are 50 metals to unlock, and different difficulty levels depending on whether you’re playing Survival or Slaughter. Use motion controls or don’t. As you like.

Bundles will be available for those who want to purchase their DLC in one fell swoop, which is a decent savings if you’re otherwise going to buy all the content bit by bit (note: Don’t do that…it’s really expensive that way).



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