Nintendo Accounts Open for Registration

Late last year, we learned that the new Nintendo account system, entitled ‘My Nintendo’ would soon eb available as a method by which players could connect all their gaming experiences and online interactions with Nintendo products in one place.

The idea is to bring all those different platforms together, and while the accounts aren’t exactly open for business just yet, you can get a jump on things by registering for an account nice and early.

When you head to the sign-up area, you’ll have the option of pairing this account with an existing NNID (or social media account like Twitter or Facebook) or starting from scratch. It’s a very streamlined sign-up process, and once you’re in, you’ll be able to see which accounts you’ve chosen to link to your Nintendo account and your email address.

Once these accounts actually go live, the news from Nintendo has been that you’ll come here to track points, purchases, gameplay, and rewards—among other things.

When will it actually go live? No idea. But while you’re waiting, get that sign-up out of the way: My Nintendo Account.


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