Umm…Has Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Been Delayed Again?

This is kind of an awkward situation. Have you looked at the photos coming out of Tomy’s New York Toy Fair?

Take a gander at the posters at the booth that advertise Sega’s plans for Sonic in 2016, particularly that release date for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. Yes, that says “Fall 2016.” That’s not the date that we’d thought—heck, everyone thought it would be coming out for Holiday 2015—but surely Sega would make the game a bigger priority now that we’re celebrating Sonic’s 25th birthday…right?

Okay, well, fine. Maybe that just means there’s something else, something bigger happening? Not according to the booth poster. It lists Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympic Games, but that’s it.

Can that really be all for the blue hedgehog’s big year? We’re hoping this is simply a case where Sega hasn’t yet revealed their plans to their licensees, hence Tomy’s belief that there are only two Sonic games headed our way. Still, it seems strange for this information to be on a public banner as though it’s the gospel truth.

Hopefully we’ll receive some confirmation from Sega soon as to whether Fire & Ice really has been delayed until the Fall.



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