Legend of Kusakari Announced for 3DS

If you’ve been around the 3Ds eShop for any length of time, you probably recognize the name Nnooo, the developer and publisher who will be bringing Blast ‘Em Bunnies to the 3DS eShop on March 11th, and who previously brought us escapeVektor.

As if they weren’t bust enough, they’ve now confirmed a new title coming to the 3DS eShop, called The Legend of Kusakari, a game by Librage which will be playable at GX Australia next weekend.

The game has over 50 levels and is being billed as an action-puzzle platformer. Basically, you control a little character who scythes grass to make way for a hero to come through and fight the bad guys. Aww, cute.

If you like, take a gander at the announcement trailer below!


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