Rumor: Disney Art Academy on 3DS?

The Art Academy franchise seems poised for many versions, so we don’t think it would be too far off base for a Disney Art Academy to head to the 3DS sometime soon. The Pokémon spin-off was a successful outing for the artistic series, and listings have now been spotted in the wild that suggest a Disney version might be the next step.

Thanks to Neogaf, we’ve learned of listings on Sunnex and MacMall, which lists this title as being available for vendor ordering. We’ve seen Disney and Nintendo titles work very well in the past—here at Nintendo Fire we loved Disney Magical World  , for example—so why wouldn’t an Art Academy play well with consumers?

Of course, nothing has been confirmed on this title, so at this point it remains a rumor…but a strong one, considering that these vendor listings are usually good indicators of what’s coming down the line.


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