Nintendo Bringing a Pokémon Direct to You!

It’s almost here, the very first Nintendo Direct of 2016! And it’s going to be something special for all you Poké-fans: a Pokémon Direct, happening on February 26th at 10am EST.

The last Nintendo Direct presentation was held in November, which came after a long break between presentations after the passing of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. We did have Masahiro Sakurai’s Final Video Presentation for Super Smash Bros. in December, but it wasn’t considered an “official” Direct…but here we are with the next event, and its franchise specificity showcases a willingness to modify the format to celebrate important milestones.

What will the Pokémon Direct feature? According to Nintendo, it will be a presentation “containing the latest on Pokémon games.” And according to The Pokémon Company, there’s “big news” ahead!


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